Non-marking rubber sack barrow wheels

Sack barrow wheels are non-marking and anti-puncture rubber solutions for handling large loads. The Sack truck are the products commonly used to handle and transport packages of various kinds, but also to carry out picking and restocking of shelves, for porterage and much more. For their use to be safe and for them to be suitable for professional use, it is important to equip them with quality wheels.

Making sack barrow wheels in solid rubber means obtaining sturdy wheels that support heavy loads and, at the same time, that are non-marking and therefore ideal even on the most delicate surfaces. Furthermore, the rubber makes the wheels elastic, guaranteeing high sliding performance.

The sack barrow wheels are available in different versions: wheel only without any support, with fixed support in galvanized steel or with swivel support also available in the version with brake. The wide choice allows you to find the specific solution that best suits your needs.

To ensure a personalized response, it is possible to select the sack barrow wheels that best suit your needs by choosing between wheels with rustproof nylon rims, light and ideal for humid environments, or in sturdy metal ideal for workshops and warehouses.