Drum supports

Drum supporta are the safe solutions in steel and polyethylene for horizontally storing drums from 60 to 200 lt. By positioning the drums parallel to the ground, the supports are the ideal product for performing the transfer and tapping operations in complete safety. In fact, if the supports are placed on a containment tank, they raise the drums and allow the contents to be transferred into small containers resting on the tank itself.

Storage and transfer operations become safe if the drum supports and containers in which the liquid is poured are placed on a safety tank. In fact, this collects any spills, preventing harmful substances from ending up in contact with the soil from entering the subsoil and aquifers.

The oil drum supports can be positioned on a sump pallet directly above the grid support surface thanks to the anchoring brackets. The use of the supports with collection tank guarantees compliance with the requirements of hygiene, safety and environmental respect.

The wide range is complete with oil drum supports with different sizes and made of galvanized steel, carbon and HDPE polyethylene. If steel solutions are ideal for storing chemical liquids, polyethylene is the right choice when storing corrosive substances such as acids and bases.

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