Lathes for metal

Lathes for metal are devices that allow the processing of metal materials by cold chip removal. The cutting motion is given by the motion of the workpiece, rotating on its own axis, and the feed motion of the tool. These are machine tools that are considered to be manually operated as they depend on the direct commands of the operator to function.

The choice between the different lathes for metal can be based on taking into consideration different types of characteristics. In choosing the most suitable tool, the diameter of the spindle, the power of the motor, the maximum turning diameter on the carriage, the height of the tips, the distance between the tips and the bar passage must be taken into consideration. These are fundamental characteristics that determine the ability of the instrument to carry out different types of processing.

The diameter of the spindle is particularly important as it determines the maximum dimensions of the workpieces. Similarly, the height of the tips and their distance are fundamental characteristics to be taken into consideration because they then define the maximum dimensions that can be machined by parallel lathes. The type of speed transmission change also affects the type of work that will be possible.

Equally important when evaluating lathes for metal are the accessories. Lathes are available with accessories such as spindles with 3 or 4 independent or self-centering jaws, fixed or mobile steady rests, tailstocks of different sizes. There are also lathes with inter, norton gearbox and led lamps.

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