Stackable drum sump pallets

Stackable drum sump pallets are designed to safely contain the involuntary spills of liquids stored in drums. Containing accidental spills in a suitable place and avoiding them to be dispersed in the environment is fundamental to limiting pollution and protecting the health of users. The wide range and different types of walls allow you to find the ideal solution when looking for anti-fall walls, but also for fixed and removable splash guards and for storage with overlapping.

The walls of the collection tanks are available with open sides structure and cups at the corners for overlapping, in mesh to guarantee protection for operators or in sheets to protect operators from sudden spills of liquids from the drums during tapping operations .

Stackable drum sump pallets are safe and compliant products. They are built to prevent any spills of dangerous and polluting substances in the work environments or inside aquifers, they are equipped with anti-accident safety labeling and tested according to UNI EN 473 with non-destructive tests by qualified operators.

To move stackable drum sump pallets is quick and easy thanks to the support feet placed on the bottom of the tanks compatible with the use of pallet trucks and forklifts.

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