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Tool cabinets

Tool cabinets are the ideal technical solution to secure the workshop, the technical department and any workplace where there are storage needs. They represent the best choice to put order and store in a suitable place not only objects and equipment, but also manuals and documents. It is possible to choose the one that best suits your needs from over 15 versions and many accessories by creating a customized solution or by selecting an already composed solution.

Safety is fundamental in any working environment, but it is even more fundamental in environments at risk of accidents where dangerous equipment is used. For this reason, tool cabinets are the ideal choice: rearranging and putting everything in its place also means reducing the risk of accidents.

Rearranging documents, helmets, wheels and, in general, all tools and work products also means optimizing time and increasing productivity. In fact, once everything is in place, it will be easy and quick to find it when needed.

The wide range of tool cabinets allows you to satisfy every need by choosing between different sizes, depending on the size of the space available, and between more or less shelves and drawers depending on how you prefer to take advantage of the space inside the wardrobe. Finally, the wide range of doors will allow even greater customization: for example, if it is necessary to consult the contents of the workshop cabinets without opening the doors, the polycarbonate solution will be ideal.

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