Male-end wrenches

Male-end wrenches are the simplest solution to use without wasting too much energy, suitable for both professionals and individuals, designed in their current form by Eugenio Brugola in 1945. Their characteristics make them safer to use, as they will never escape from the screw by scratching furniture or the user. They are also economical both in terms of money (when compared to other types of screwdrivers) and in terms of space, as you will only need one Allen key per screw.

There are various shapes of male-end wrenches to meet different needs of use, but the two main shapes of Allen wrenches are the L and T-shaped ones. The former are perfect for precision work, while the latter are suitable for jobs in which needs to be able to exert more force on the screw: the T-socket screws can be turned with two hands.

In the case of L-shaped keys, the long part will be inserted into the Allen screw while the other side will turn to screw or unscrew, but in some models it is also possible to do the opposite. Some types are also equipped with a handle to simplify the maneuver.

The T-handle male-end wrenches are inserted into the screw from the long side, while the upper part will serve as a crank to work on the screw.