Offset hex key wrenches Beta 96BPC/SC9 set of 9 keys

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The Beta 96BPC / SC9 offset hex key wrenches is the effective solution to always have a 9-piece Allen key set at hand to tighten or unscrew screws. Primarily professional solution thanks to the care in the choice of the key production material: high quality steel. Set is also equipped with a support to be able to move the keys safely, without the fear of losing one.

The support in which all the offset hex key wrenches measures are stored is made of plastic and is equipped with a reinforced locking system, so as to withstand even impacts without losing keys. The dimensions of the keys have been indicated on the surfaces of the support so that they can be stored in an orderly manner and identified quickly.

The hex key has an L shape and has a spherical end on one side. Its shape allows to apply a minimum effort and in any case produce a good tightening torque for screwing or unscrewing the Allen screws.

The hexagonal shape ensures a high level of safety as the offset hex key wrenches will not be able to come out of the screw and thus damage the workbench or the surface or, worse, scratch the operator.

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Offset hex key wrenches Beta 96BPC/SC9 set of 9 keys

In stock

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    Review for Offset hex key wrenches Beta 96BPC/SC9 set of 9 keys

    Brand: Beta
    Code B000960354
    No. of keys 9
    Sizes mm 1,5-2-2,5-3-4-5-6-8-10
    Type of wrenches Ball head offset L hexagon key wrenches
    Gross weight kg 0,396