Stackable IBC spill pallets

Stackable IBC spill pallets allow the optimized storage of important quantities of dangerous liquids and a significant saving of space. The reinforced side walls offer greater safety even during handling within the company and according to requirements it is possible to have them in open sides, in sheet metal or mesh. The tanks are therefore the ideal standard solution for the safe containment of accidental spills and for the safe handling of stored tanks.

Stackable IBC spill pallets are available with open sides and cups at the corners for overlapping up to 2 levels, in mesh to prevent falls of the stored tanks or in sheets to protect users from accidental splashes of liquids during tapping operations .

Stackable IBC spill pallets are built in full compliance with regulations. In fact, the products are complete with a label showing the technical and safety data and are suitable for containing liquids in compliance with the regulations relating to safety at work.

Moving stackable IBC spill pallets from one workplace to another is simple and safe. The support feet are in fact compatible with forklift trucks and pallet trucks for empty handling.

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