Torque wrenches and multipliers

Torque wrenches are a precision tool that allows you to check and adjust the tightening torque of bolts, screws and nuts. Thanks to this tool it is possible to guarantee reliable and quality tightening. Its use is essential to avoid breakage and deterioration of the locking parts. It is a tool commonly used in the automotive sectors, in industries and in the aeronautical sector. For quick and practical use, the keys when they reach the set torque signal it with a mechanical click.

The range of torque wrenches are equipped with a large graduated scale that make them ideal for meeting different needs. The bi-material handle guarantees a firm and ergonomic grip. The point where the force must be applied during use is marked by a hexagon on the handle. In this way it will be recognizable where to place your hand for correct use.

Using the keys is very simple. Just pull the safety knob, change the desired torque by turning the knob and viewing it on the reading scale and push the safety knob again towards the handle to lock it. This safety mechanism prevents accidental changes to the set torque from occurring.

Torque wrenches are therefore an indispensable tool in certain working environments. It allows to carry out quality and precision machining, essential for an optimal final work.