Insulated containers with ATP certification

Insulated containers with atp certification are the best solutions for the safe and compliant transport of hot, fresh and frozen food. They are the perfect containers for the transport and storage of food during the distribution cycle as they comply with current regulations regarding the maintenance of temperatures and are suitable for complying with HACCP procedures. Furthermore, they allow to optimize and reduce transport costs by using a single vehicle for products with different storage temperatures.

The ATP certificate is available with type approval IN, IR, RRCX, FNAX and FRCX, depending on the isothermal container and the type of food transported. This is the certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport which certifies compliance with the international treaty which regulates the characteristics of the means of transporting perishable products on the road.

Insulated containers are designed for food logistics companies, catering and the catering sector in general. They allow to optimize the delivery operations of fresh, frozen or hot meals to hospitals, communities and cooking centers, ensuring food conservation and allowing operators to carry out the work in total certainty of compliance with current regulations.

The wide range is complete with insulated containers with different containment capacities, all professional and suitable for intensive use, useful to simplify the organization of logistics in industrial kitchens. Finally, the containers can be equipped with eutectic plates, equipped with an active power cooling unit up to -25 ° or supplied with an active heating door up to 40°.

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