Drills, impact drivers and pneumatic tools

Drills and pneumatic tools make up a range of products that are able to meet different needs for a wide range of professional operators. These are commonly used tools in the auto and motorcycle repairs, carpentry, construction and industrial maintenance sectors. These are products developed in close collaboration with professional users, in such a way as to be able to offer tools capable of fully satisfying the needs.

The screwdrivers available are designed to be used even in limited space conditions, thanks to their compact size, without sacrificing power and performance. This equipment is equipped with an ergonomic handle and is also available in the version with anti-vibration handle in order to make working activities easier.

Drills and other pneumatic tools are practical and sturdy, equipped with ergonomic and non-slip handles are ideal for working in total comfort. Equipped with a 1/4 "air connection, the air is discharged through the handle. The trigger action buttons allow you to operate the tools using only one finger.

The low weight of the drills and tools allows for easy handling of the tools and makes working operations easier. High performance is always guaranteed and in the tools available it is possible to select different power levels according to your needs.