Heavy duty storage boxes

Heavy duty storage boxes are the first choice robust and quality polypropylene solutions for professional even intensive use. Studied and designed to meet the needs of the industrial sector, the boxes are made of top quality material to guarantee long-lasting durability. Ideal for handling with empty return or where a volume saving is required, they are also the perfect solutions for deliveries in the transport sector and, more generally, for the entire logistics sector.

The truncated conical structure of the heavy duty storage boxes makes them stackable and superimposable. In fact, it is possible to insert an empty box on the other, optimizing the space during storage and empty transport. Furthermore, by providing them with a lid it is possible to stack them even when fully loaded, reducing the overall dimensions to a minimum.

Heavy duty storage boxes are available that can be inserted and stacked with closed or perforated walls and bottoms. If the first solution ensures maximum protection of the load, the perforated walls allow greater air circulation.

To meet ever-changing needs and present a personalized response to every need, the wide range is complete with insertable and stackable heavy duty storage boxes of different capacities and different sizes, with closed or perforated walls.

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