Bench grinders

The bench grinders are perfect for filing, grinding, deburring, sharpening any metal or metal alloy object, which is why they are suitable for iron and steel companies or crafts. With different combinations of wheels or brushes, all the machines are able to satisfy any need for use, always with all the protective devices and the use and maintenance manual to ensure simple and safe use.

The dry grinding wheel is the most used tool and is therefore present in almost all bench grinders. It is used to smooth, grind or deburr the sides and edges of metal objects or metal alloys and its use is always protected by safety devices such as casings and transparent screens so that sparks do not reach the user.

The water grinding wheel is a tool for bench grinders very useful for polishing and sharpening vertically, in fact it is also used for knives and blades in general. In this case, water will be inserted inside the protective casing to cool the grinding wheel while the metal brush casing will not. They are an indispensable tool for cleaning or polishing an exterior surface.

To choose the right model among the various types of bench grinders, it will be essential to calculate its positioning and frequency of use, so as to be able to define the power and weight necessary for your business.

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