Shopping trolley bags

The shopping trolleys bags are the practical solutions essential for the management of shopping and, in general, of purchases. They are the perfect tools for transporting objects, but also food and drinks within the stores and on the way from the shops to the car or home. In fact, the structure with handle and wheels make them practical and personal products and the compact dimensions make them perfect in markets, supermarkets and small, medium and large outlets.

Constructed with steel or aluminum structure and goods bag; the shopping trolleys bags are available with an insulated bag for transporting fresh food, fruit, vegetables and drinks. Furthermore, the use of a personal trolley in the supermarket or in the points of sale guarantees the highest level of hygiene.

Made in Italy, all the shopping trolleys bags are equipped with solid anti-puncture rubber wheels. In addition, they are complete with waterproof bags that are easy to wash and sanitize after each shopping.

To meet ever-changing needs, the wide range is complete with traditional two-wheeled shopping trolleys bags and three-wheeled stairclimber trolleys that allow you to transport your shopping even on steps and thus take it to the upper floors.