Household carts

Household carts are the professional solutions to solve everyday problems. The production of over one million trolleys during the company's 30 years of experience have made Rollaway branded roll containers a product of universally recognized quality. In this way, roll containers, a solution created for professional needs, become the tool to solve everyday problems.

The range is complete with a steel firewood holder, the effective solution to the problem of stacking firewood. This trolley is ideal for storing wood and seasoning it thanks to the polyethylene hood. The mesh base ensures breathability, the tray collects dirt and the sturdy walls ensure a secure footing.

The steel storage trolley is a roll container that becomes the perfect universal multipurpose trolley. Thanks to the shelves, the trolley therefore presents itself as the versatile solution to be used in company warehouses, but also in homes in pantries and garages.

The steel greenhouse trolley with wheels is the roll complete with adjustable shelves to position the plants according to the need for light or space and capacity. The capacious polionda trays collect dirt and the PVC hood allows you to intensify the crops. Transforming a balcony into a space capable of producing healthy and tasty vegetables has never been easier.