Steel ladders

Steel ladders are technical and light solutions designed for professional and semi-professional use, for hobbies, home maintenance and DIY. The metal they are made of makes them light and easy to move, also excellent for use by non-technical personnel. All products, although light, are solid and robus to guarantee users the afely achievement of heights both at workplaces and homes.

Steel is one of the best materials for complex and minimal architectures, it is exploited for its resistance and it is excellent for the construction of stairs where structural strength is fundamental. The use of steel lead to the production of light, resistant and durable ladders capable of supporting  high loads.

The steel ladders are safe, because they are tested by European recognized testers who issue the UNIEN131 mark to guarantee quality and robustness. All products comply with the law and respect the consolidated text on safety at work relating to Legislative Decree 81/08. In addition, they have a maximum capacity of 150 kg and are guaranteed for up to 5 years.

The range includes steel ladders for light professional use and intensive domestic use, characterized by a light structure. On the other hand, steel ladders with reinforced structure are designed for professional uses in construction sectors, for internal and external maintenance and renovation works and, in general, for the shipbuilding sector. Lastly, all ladders have non-slip pads to increase their stability and safety.