IBC storage racking with spill pallet

The IBC storage racking with containment tank are the safe and compliant solutions for the storage of 1000 liter IBC tanks. In all companies and warehouses where space is to be exploited by optimizing every available centimeter and, at the same time, making workplaces safe and tidy, shelving is the ideal solution. Furthermore, they are supplied disassembled, allowing to contain transport costs without sacrificing a quality product.

The IBC storage racking are equipped as standard with a carbon steel spill pallet complete with a galvanized steel grid. Placed at the base of the racks, it protects the environment and operators from any leaks of dangerous liquid stored in the tanks. In fact, it collects accidental spills preventing them from reaching the ground and dispersing into the environment.

The modularity of the metal shelving makes them adaptable to every need and perfect in every situation: the highly stable interlocking structure allows you to create different types of compositions. In addition, the shelves are adjustable in height and the tank is equipped with monitoring panels and identification plate, as well as being built in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 3834-3: 2006 standard.

To meet different needs, the wide range is complete with IBC storage racking suitable for the safe storage of 2, 4 or 6 IBC tanks. Finally, for further safety, the racks are equipped with splash guards that prevent splashes of liquid from hitting the operators and can be accessorized with protective corners that protect the shelving from any impacts.

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