Drum spill pallets

Drum spill pallets are designed and built to safely contain oils, acids, alkaline solutions and other aggressive substances. They are the ideal standard solutions to prevent the potentially harmful liquid that accidentally leaks from the drums from dispersing in the soil and, therefore, in the environment. The range is complete with collection tanks with different sizes, heights and capacities for the storage of 60, 200 and 220 liter drums. In addition, steel and polyethylene tanks are available to meet the most diverse needs.

The painted steel drum spill pallets are made in compliance with current European regulations and are suitable for the storage and management of chemical, harmful and flammable liquids. The use of polyethylene, on the other hand, makes the spill pallets approved according to the Z-40.22-421 standard ideal for storing corrosive substances and resisting shocks.

Compliance with the regulations on safety in the workplace and on the protection of the environment is ensured. Moreover the fork pockets on the bottom of drum spill pallets allow safe handling by means of pallet trucksor forklifts making the products ideal in workshops, warehouses, factories and service stations.

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