Cable reels and hose reels

Cable reels are tools that are able to ensure an orderly and efficient working environment. In fact, they allow to keep the cables always in their place, but at the same time available to be used. In this way it will be possible to avoid unnecessary waste of time and make the work environment more functional. What's more, a tidy workspace is also a safer environment. In fact, operators can move freely without running the risk of tripping or damaging the equipment due to cables scattered on the floor.

Thanks to the systems that prevent the automatic rewinding of the pipes, the hose reels allow you to conveniently choose the length of hose with which to work without incurring the risk of re-entry if it is pushed or moved. Furthermore, this type of equipment can be hung both on the wall and on the ceiling, allowing you to take advantage of all the space and making them suitable even when the space available is limited.

Thanks to the use of cable reels, when not in use the cables can remain far from the danger of drilling or shearing, a recurring risk in environments where welding or handling of loads that can end up on them are often carried out. Furthermore, the risk of electrocution is significantly reduced, precisely because the cables do not risk being cut.

The slow re-entry mechanism of the cable, which the cable reels are equipped with, protects the cable itself from any damage that could be caused in the event of a quick re-entry of the cable.