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Shipping, delivery and receipt of goods.

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Q: What are the delivery times?

A: Until the order is processed, shipping dates are as estimated and indicated next to each item on the product page. The estimated shipping date is indicated in the order confirmation (issued after the order is processed) available in the "my orders" section of your account. Delivery will be made according to courier delivery times specific to the destination area.

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Q: What should I do if the goods I receive are damaged?

A: Things to do vary depending on when the damage is detected. For the damage detected before signing the delivery letter or transport document without the possibility of rejecting the goods, make a written, specific and reasoned reservation (e.g. "punctured packaging", "crushed packaging", "no. of packages missing", etc.) avoiding a generic one (e.g. "subject to control") that can then be challenged and not accepted by the courier. Please keep the proof of reporting to the courier and send us a copy.

If the damage is found only after accepting the goods without specific reservations you will be asked to demonstrate why the damage could not be found after a thorough inspection of the goods upon delivery. Also read point 7 of the general conditions of sale "receipt and acceptance of goods and transport damage".

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Q: May I pick up the goods at my own expense?

A: Certainly, if the service is available for the products to be purchased, you can do so by choosing the on-site collection option directly at the checkout. See also section 2 of the buying guide "Use the shopping cart and checkout to get a quote" on this topic.

Q: What is the status of my order?

A: In the "my orders" section of your account you can view the status of your order:

  • Unprocessed order when the order is placed and is waiting to be processed.
  • Processed order when it is entered into the management system and started to be prepared.
  • Partially shipped order when some of the goods are available for pickup or delivered to the carrier.
  • Totally shipped order when all of the goods are available for pickup or delivered to the courier.
  • Order completed when the billing process is also completed.

Q: Where is my parcel?

A: If available, tracking is visible in the "my orders" section of your account. You will receive an email the moment it is available. In case it does not work, please wait a few hours (it usually activates the day after shipment).

Q: What happens if I am absent on delivery?

A: If you selected the "telephone delivery notice" service when placing your order, the courier will call the number you provided to inform you about delivery. If the attempted delivery fails, the goods are understood to be rejected and placed in storage at the customer's expense. On this topic see also item 7 of the general conditions "receipt and acceptance of goods and transport damage".

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Quote, transport document and invoice.

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Q: May I get a written quotation or offer?

A: Quickly get a quote directly from the site by entering the products in the shopping cart in the respective configurations and quantities you want. Then proceed to checkout and enter the province of destination of the goods, the system will also calculate the freight charges if they are provided. If, on the other hand, you would like a written quotation or your request is for a large quantity, make us fill out the customer data form specifying the products for which you would like a quotation indicating for each the code, name and quantity.

Q: How do I get an invoice?

A: An invoice is always issued. A courtesy copy will be available in your account, while the electronic invoice will follow the specific tax process. See also section 3 of the "The benefits of creating your account." buying guide.

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My account.

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Q: What should I do if I lost my login information?

A: Credentials are sent to you in the welcome email. If you didn't receive it, it may have ended up in your spam folder or you may have inserted an incorrect email address. If, on the other hand, you have misplaced or deleted the email click on  "Reset Password" in the user section at the bottom of each page of our website and follow the instructions. If you continue to have difficulty logging in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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