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Quick answers to frequently asked questions

Shipping, delivery and receipt of goods.

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Q: what are the delivery times?

A: as long as the order is not processed the shipping dates are estimated in 5 working days for products which are available in stock and no less than 10 days for those which have to be ordered in. The expected shipping date is indicated in the confirmation at the end of the order process and available in the documents in the "my orders" section of your account. Delivery will be made according to the delivery times of the courier specific to the destination area.

Shipping week

Q: what should I do if the goods received are damaged?

A: what you should do depends on when the damage is detected. If the damage is detected before signing the delivery letter or transport document, simply report the damage found in the document itself by adding a written, specific and justified complaint (e.g. "hole in packaging", "packaging crushed", "packages missing", etc.) rather than a non-specific complaint which can then be challenged by the courier. In this case a new product will be sent to you as soon as possible.

If the damage is only found after you have accepted the goods without any specific complaints and the external packaging was intact and in a good enough condition that there was no reason for you to suspect any damage to the goods, the damage is classed as hidden and the procedure is different. The recipient of the complaint will be the courier, not the sender, and you will need to keep the goods and packaging. For the exact procedure you need to follow, see point 7 "receipt and acceptance of goods and transport damage".

Q: can I pick up the goods at my own expense?

A: of course, you can do this by choosing the on-site pick-up option when you check out, if this option is available for the products you're purchasing. On this topic, see also section 2 of the buying guide "using the checkout to get a quote".

Q: what stage is my order at?

A: you can view the order status in the "my orders" section of your account:

  • Order received when the order is sent to the website.
  • Order processed when it is entered in the management system and sent for preparation.
  • Order shipped when the goods are available for collection or delivered to the courier.
  • Order completed when the invoicing phase is completed.

Q: where is my order?

A: you can view the tracking in the "my orders" section of your account. This is usually available the day after shipment and you will receive an email alert as soon as it is visible.

Q: what happens if I am out when my order is delivered?

A: the courier will notify the customer of the delivery with a call to the number provided by the customer in the order. If the delivery attempt fails, the goods are considered rejected and placed in storage at the customer's expense. On this topic, see also point 7 of the general conditions "receipt and acceptance of goods and transport damage".

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Quote, transport document and invoice.

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Q: can I get a quote or a written offer?

A: Quickly get your quote directly from the website by placing the products in the shopping cart in the sizes, versions and quantities you want. Then go to the checkout and enter the destination of the goods; the system will also calculate the transport costs if they are provided for. If, on the other hand, you want a written offer or your request is for a large quantity, please fill out the customer data form specifying the products you would like the quote for, indicating the code, name and quantity for each one.

Q: how do I get the invoice?

A: the invoice is always issued. A courtesy copy will be available in your account, while the electronic invoice will follow the specific tax procedure. See also section 3 of the buying guide "save time using your account".

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My account.

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Q: what do I do if I can't remember my username or password?

A: the credentials will be sent to you with the welcome email. If you didn't receive it, it may have ended up in spam or you may have provided us with an incorrect email address. If, on the other hand, you have lost or deleted the email, click on "forgot password" which you will find in the user section at the bottom of each page and follow the on-screen instructions. If you still have problems accessing your account, don't hesitate to contact us.

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