Drum cabinets for outdoor storage

Drum cabinets for outdoor storage are the standard solutions for safely storing drums even in outdoor environments. In fact, in workshops, factories, warehouses and, more generally, in many workplaces dangerous liquids are stored in drums and containers. The latter must be stored correctly and, if placed outdoors, must be stored in suitable storage deposits and complete with monitoring panels to draw attention to the dangers.

Occupational safety is paramount especially when using hazardous substances stored in drums. Placing the latter in cabinets and storage depots means preventing accidental spills and splashes from causing liquid to enter the environment with consequent risk to workers' health. The drum cabinets, in fact, thanks to the collection tank and the walls contain any spills.

The range is complete with drum cabinets of different sizes and capacities. The wide selection allows you to find the most suitable solution according to your needs and the space available, both when it is large and when it is limited, both for storing many drums and for storing a few drums and some other small containers.

The drum cabinets are made in compliance with the requirements set by the international standards UNI EN ISO 3834-3 and UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and some models are produced in accordance with the StawaR directive. Finally, prepared for handling by forklift or pallet truck, the deposits can only be moved empty.

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