Parts washers

Parts washers are the best solution for cleaning and washing parts such as cars or motorcycles or other components from oily residues, grease or other contaminants, but also nuts and bolts or dirty tools after use. They consist of a tank, where water and only one detergent will be inserted at a time, as mixing more than one could lead to chemical reactions or toxic fumes, a grid where to place the pieces already washed or to be finished and a gun from which it will come out. the liquid of the tank compressed so as to act even with pressure on the surface.

Some models are equipped with a lid with safety gloves to protect the operator from any splashes. To ensure equally excellent visibility, these models are equipped with bulbs or LEDs inside the tank.

Parts washers are available with predisposition for wall fixing, or with counter and additional shelf included. In this way it is possible to find the best solution for every type of need and available space.

All parts washer models are supplied with an identification plate and information pictograms in order to ensure safe use, suitable for professional environments.