The composters are a solution that allows you to transform organic waste into a natural fertilizer that will be used for fertilizing plants and flowers. In fact, all organic waste contains substances and nutrients that are important to nature and the use of these products makes it possible to make a concrete contribution to protecting the environment. In fact, by using only the compost produced through the recovery of food waste, the use of chemical fertilizers for the care of the outside and plants inside the garden will be completely eliminated.

Available with various collection capacities, it is a versatile range of products capable of adapting to all needs, from the smallest gardens to large green spaces. Within these containers, the optimal conditions are created and maintained so that the decomposition of organic waste can take place quickly and sheltered from negative atmospheric and climatic agents.

The composters available are made of recycled plastic, thus allowing to give a second life even to plastic waste. They are characterized by simple and intuitive assembly as well as its use which can be done by everyone. The making of compost is in fact easy and safe to use.

The composters with aeration cone to be applied to the base, guarantee excellent oxygenation of the content. It is in fact essential to prevent the heap from becoming compact and risk not having oxygen. This is why the slits in the structure are very important. These are made in such a way as to ensure the circulation of air, but prevent the entry of rainwater.