Engraving machines and etching pens

Engraving machines and etching pens are the most suitable solution for permanent dot peen (or micro-percussion) marking and engraving to identify a product. Depending on the parameters set by the user, the punch with which they are equipped vibrates at a high frequency, producing very close microdots that deform the contact area to engrave letters, numbers or various designs. Micro-percussion marking is used in several manufacturing sectors - including automotive, aviation, jewellery and electronics - to mark critical components, thus ensuring tracking for quality, safety and regulatory compliance. Engraving machines and etching pens are also used to personalise gadgets and plaques made of hard materials such as glass, stainless steel, ceramics, brass, plastic, wood and aluminium.

The range includes engraving machines, devices equipped with a pneumatic punch for marking that can be programmed via controller with display or via PC thanks to USB connection. They are characterised by the possibility of using their integrated software, so that various types of machining can be carried out with a high degree of customisation. These machines work thanks to two circuits, one electrical and one pneumatic, to guarantee an impeccable end result.

Other marking tools included in this category are etching pens. Compared to machines, these are more manageable, and being portable they can be used anywhere and at any time. They are hand tools, and are equipped with interchangeable tips made of hyper-resistant materials. They have high vibration speeds to make precise incisions with adjustable depth depending on the model. They can be battery-operated or equipped with a power cable.

Various accessories are available according to the desired model, to be able to work on various materials and objects. In any case, these are service and not production tools and devices, so continuous use during the day is not recommended. Engraving machines and etching pens are reliable tools with numerous safety systems, as well as being manufactured in compliance with current regulations.