Screwdrivers are the indispensable tool in a toolbox and especially when working with screws, as its purpose is to screw and unscrew screws based on the type of female they will have on their head. Essential tool both in the private and corporate fields, its use is particularly important in fields such as maintenance technicians, electricians, auto electricians or more generally mechanical workshops.

As mentioned, screwdrivers change according to the recess of the screw with which you will have to work, and there are various models. In this case, the material of the screwdriver will also be important: a good quality steel, for example, is a good choice as in addition to being able to withstand for years, it is very resistant to shocks and scratches.

Another important factor is the handle, which must be a correct balance between ergonomics and power transmission. The material and shape of the handle are important so that there is no risk for the user of losing his grip on the screwdriver or hurting himself.

All the screwdrivers that are proposed fully reflect these characteristics. They are all produced looking for great quality and durability.