Trailer straps and anchoring system

Trailer straps and anchoring systems are technical and safe solutions for securing goods in roll containers, trucks and in any commercial vehicle. Stopping the load being transported is essential for it to remain intact and to ensure greater operator safety. The wide range allows to respond to every single need depending on the use and the type of vehicle in which the goods must be fixed. The ratchet straps are ideal for both professional and hobby use to anchor motorcycles, machines or inflatables on trolleys.

Safety is fundamental when carrying heavy loads and for this to be ensured it is important to stop the load with special fastening systems. The wide range allows to choose between fixing accessories, roll container straps, ratchet straps of different sizes and bars ideal for any commercial vehicle.

Compliance with regulations guarantees a safe use of the products, for this reason the ratchet straps are produced according to the EN 12195-2 standard which allows to pass the roadside technical checks with reference to Directive 2014/47/EU. In addition, they are equipped with identification labels showing the manufacturing data, as required by law.

The wide range includes straps and cargo bars and planks of various sizes and capacities; load securing rails for the preparation of vans, refrigerated vans and insulated trucks; edge protectors and load-securing straps. All the ratchet straps are made with first choice 100% polyester tape, the galvanized steel tensioners are corrosion resistant and produced in compliance with all regulations.

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