Platform ladders

Platform ladders are practical solutions and are ideal for reaching small and medium heights safely at work, in the office or at home. In workplaces or in offices, they allow to reach the last shelves of archives and, in general, medium heights. In domestic environments, these ladders help to carry out daily operations such as changing a light bulb, hanging a picture, placing objects on high shelves and changing curtains in complete safety.

The products are safe, stable and resistant, made of aluminum and designed for professional use. They are comfortable solutions because they are light, space-saving, quick to open and fold up and easy to move, excellent even in domestic environments when space is limited. In addition, safety is guaranteed by the non-slip feet and safety straps that prevent it from being opened accidentally.

In full compliance with the standards, platform ladders are tested by official testers who verify compliance with European regulations. In addition, these stairs are built in compliance with the safety decree Legislative Decree 81/08 and have a maximum capacity of 100 to 150 kg. Domestic ladders are suitable for professional use and are guaranteed for up to 5 years.

For greater convenience when carrying out activities that require the use of tools, the platform ladders are designed with a climbing trunk and a body guard equipped with a plastic terminal with tool hangers and a vase holder. Finally, they are comfortable because they do not require a support wall in order to be used.

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