Platform ladder professional with increased platform P1 Plus

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The platform ladder P1 Plus is the perfect trestle and double climb solution for professional use by fitters and painters. Thanks to the use of this ladder, it is possible to work comfortably and safely, also thanks to the oversized platform that on one side serves as a rest area while on the other side raises the ascent by an extra rung, allowing you to work at medium-high heights. Various heights are available that can be the right solution for different working needs: the highest ladder reaches a maximum platform height of 306 cm, making it perfect for working on particularly high ceilings.

In terms of safety and regulatory compliance, the product has been tested and approved by TÜV SÜD and is manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and of the European standard EN131. However, European regulations prohibit standing on the last two steps without some kind of bodyguard to protect the operator. To overcome this problem, it is sufficient to purchase the optional guard-rails to be fully compliant.

The steps are welded to the uprights to create an ultra-strong monolith, and the entire structure is manufactured from ribbed extruded aluminium and fitted with ergonomic non-slip pads to maintain great stability. The professional platform ladder is supplied complete with a user and maintenance manual so that it can be used safely and durably, with consistently exceptional performance.

Lastly, for even greater mobility, it is possible to purchase the optional two-wheel kit for the professional platform ladder P1 Plus; in addition, for even more stable ascent/descent and safer work at height, it is possible to fit the standard guard-rails (not compatible with handrails) as an optional accessory, or individual handrails (100 cm for stairs up to 5 steps and 150 cm for stairs with more than 8 steps, not compatible with standard guard-rails) or even choose the guard-rail and handrail combo for maximum safety.

Marca del produttore.

Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme standard qualitativi europei per dimensionamenti e resistenza.Collaudo superato presso TÜV SÜD (scale=UNIEN131 - sgabelli=UNIEN14183).Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.Conforme alla normativa europea sulla saldatura.

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Platform ladder professional with increased platform P1 Plus

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    Review for Platform ladder professional with increased platform P1 Plus

    Code Ladder steps Closed height Platform height Ladder width Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm kg
    SCL5101 5 123 117 49 7
    SCL5102 6 152 140 51 8,5
    SCL5103 7 177 162 54 10,2
    SCL5104 8 202 186 56 11,3
    SCL5105 9 225 210 59 12,5
    SCL5106 11 276 257 64 15
    SCL5107 13 326 306 69 18
    Common features: 8 cm non-slip flat steps, two rigid anti-opening / closing bars, anti-opening steel hinges, anti-slip pads, reinforcement bars on the longest steps
    Accessories: standard guard-rail, handrail, combo guard-rail and 2 handrails, wheel kit
    The platform counts as a step