Utility cupboards for brooms

The hygiene of any place is essential, whether you are in the company, in the office or at home, it is always preferable to be surrounded by a clean environment. If cleaning is a must, storing brooms and sanitizing products in a correct place is also important. The utility cupboards for brooms are designed to keep brooms, accessories and cleaning-products in a suitable and orderly way both in workplaces and in houses. They represent an ideal solution to save time: it will no longer be necessary to look for forgotten products and brooms in always different places, but everything will finally be ordered in a single dedicated cabinet.

All utility cupboards are made up of a broom compartment and several shelves that allow you to organize a larger number of objects and products. In the workplace, the metal broom cupboards will also be the ideal solution to create an area dedicated to cleaning staff and to guarantee greater safety and hygiene through the shelves that facilitate the separation of products with different uses and degrees of harmfulness.

The products are available in different sizes to better satisfy every need and not to have to renounce to order in both large and narrow spaces. The utility cupboards for brooms are available with 1 door for storing products in case there is little space available and with 2 doors in case a lot of space is available.