Open-fronted storage bin 350/300 x 200 x 200 H

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The open-fronted storage bin is the solution with a ribbed bottom, indispensable for facilitating the storage of small goods and components, allowing them to be visible and easy to manage thanks to their open front and their wide range of colours. They are products designed for hardware stores, workshops and warehouses with the aim of organising spare parts and small parts logically, always having them at hand. Sorting goods and assembly components is indispensable for optimising process times, thus also maximising company productivity.

Safe stacking is made possible by robust side reinforcements, while the front walls are double-walled to ensure high stability even when fully loaded. In addition, the interlocking system allows the plastic bins to be assembled, ensuring that the contents are readily available even when the containers are stacked. The structure is made entirely of polypropylene, which gives the product lightness and strength.

Resistant to high and low temperatures, the plastic open-fronted storage bins are equipped with side handles to facilitate lifting and handling, thus also reducing the risk of injury. In addition, they are self-assembling and self-supporting, designed to fill entire warehouse walls without the need for supports, shelves and racks.

Each open-fronted storage bin has a capacity of 10 litres and measures 350x210 H 200 mm. Finally, this version features a label holder to quickly identify the bin's content. 

Size 3

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Cassette a bocca di lupo 350/300 x 200 x 200 H
Open-fronted storage bin 350/300 x 200 x 200 H

In stock

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    Material Polypropylene
    Size 3
    Bottom Smooth
    External dimensions mm 350x210 H 200
    Capacity liters 10
    Capacity kg 20
    Weight grams N/A
    Resistant to temperatures -20°C/+80°C