Styrofoam corner protectors 3-sided

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The styrofoam corner protectors 3-sided are the perfect solution for managing the shipping and transport of different types of products. Expanded polystyrene, or ESP (Expanded Sintered Polystyrene) is a resistant and non-toxic material, perfect for ensuring that during transport, whether from one warehouse to another or to the end customer, the product cannot be subject to damage such as scratches or breaks. The use of styrofoam corner protectors guarantees this protection on a particularly sensitive area in any product, while lowering the cost of the packaging itself.

Expanded polystyrene is suitable for protecting products during transport but can also be used for insulating purposes on walls and ceilings: it has a heat-insulating function, and is therefore perfect for creating the home coat. Furthermore, these styrofoam corner protectors can be used to separate furniture from the floor or walls to ensure correct air circulation.

The thickness of the styrofoam corner protectors is 12 mm and is therefore also suitable for use inside boxes: it is possible to insert the product to be protected, together with the polystyrene, inside the cardboard packaging in order to block the possible movements of the goods.

The styrofoam corner protectors have dimensions 115 x 115 x 115 mm. To increase the safety of the product to be packaged, if it is particularly delicate, we also recommend purchasing profiles and panels always made of high quality polystyrene.

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950pcs -   ACP0027  - 115x115x115 mm thickness 12 -   €0.16  - [5/8 workdays]

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Styrofoam corner protectors 3-sided

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    Code ACP0027
    Dimensions mm 115x115x115
    Thickness mm 12
    Material expanded polystyrene