Strapping tool battery manual use tension force up to 240 kg

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The strapping tool battery is a versatile solution for securing and ensuring the safety of packaged goods for transportation and storage in warehouses. Its ability to operate in both automatic and semi-automatic modes makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, both horizontally and vertically, across various industrial sectors. It can be used single-handedly thanks to a single button for all welding operations, ensuring extreme ease of use.

The adjustable sealing time (via button) and strap tension (via lever) allow for variation in the welding process based on the type of strap used, ensuring the safety and stability of the load. Additionally, the strapping is welded through vibration to enhance the reliability of the joint.

The strapping tool is particularly fast: tensioning, sealing, and cutting the strap happens in less than 3 seconds. Moreover, it is practical as it allows for the insertion of both straps simultaneously. It can be used in semi-automatic mode, where the operator reaches the desired tension and initiates welding via a button, or in automatic mode, where the operator presses the lever, and the operations take place automatically.

Available in black, the strapping tool is compatible with 12mm and 16mm wide polypropylene or polyester straps. If a tensioner for both 12mm and 16mm straps is desired, it is recommended to purchase the 16mm model, which, with good manual skills, can also be used for 12mm straps (the reverse is not possible). Finally, accessories such as extra batteries, battery chargers, fixed suspension brackets for vertical suspension, swiveling suspension brackets for vertical or horizontal suspension, and packaging protection plates are available.

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Reggiatrice a batteria uso manuale tensionamento fino a 240 kg
Strapping tool battery manual use tension force up to 240 kg

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    Review for Strapping tool battery manual use tension force up to 240 kg

    Brand: Full Strap
    Code REMA008
    Strapping width mm 12
    Code REMA009
    Strapping width mm 16
    Common features to all codes
    Weight kg 4,2 (battery included)
    Activation 1 button for voltage recovery
    1 button for sealing
    Strapping tension force Up to 240 kg (2400 N)
    Strapping max speed 270 mm/sec
    Strapping sealing vibration
    Sealing resistance 80-85% resistance of the used strap
    Adjustment “Sealing” vibration time
    Tension force
    Compatible strapping PP thickness 0.55mm~1.05mm
    PET thickness 0.40mm~1.05mm
    Standard Battery BOSCH 18 V DC 4 Ah Li-Ion charge duration approx 350 cycles (with PP strapping), quick charge battery charger with fuzzy control to optimise the quick charge current value in every situation
    Accessories Additional battery, additional battery charger, fixed and swivel suspension bracket, bottom protection plate
    Please request any adjustment, tensioning specifications and type of strapping when ordering.