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Pallet wrapper self-propelled with mast, guide wheel and Arya system

Pallet wrapper self-propelled with mast, guide wheel and Arya system

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The pallet wrapper semi-automatic with mast is the solution that allows you to wrap pallets of different sizes. Thanks to the 7-inch touch screen control panel it is possible to adjust various parameters which guarantee the selection of the best programme for wrapping the products.

It is possible to choose between different pallet wrapping models based on the type of spool film carriage installed. The carriage can be equipped with:

Mechanical brake: the film tension is adjustable via a knob. Recommended for low production without the need for variable palletising or particular wrapping.

Electromagnetic friction: the film tension is adjustable via a panel. Recommended for low production, but with the need to modulate the tension force during the cycle itself.

Fixed pre-stretch: the film tension is controlled by a sensor which measures its value. It pre-stretches the film with a mechanical command generated by a pair of gears. Recommended for unstable, delicate loads or for large productions as it allows you to save meters of film: with pre-stretch ratios of 200%, for every meter of film taken it deposits 3 on the load to be packaged. Wheels for the 150% and 250% ratio are also supplied.

Fixed pre-stretch and Arya System: makes the wrapping process completely automatic as it allows automatic tying of the film (the hooking and cutting of the film are carried out via an infrared remote control). It reduces working times by increasing the number of workable pallets and is recommended for intensive palletising processes.

The pallet wrapper is designed to secure palletized loads, but the number of pallets that can be processed in an hour changes depending on the model chosen:

20 pallets per hour in the case of a pallet wrapper not equipped with the Arya system;

25 pallets per hour in the case of a pallet wrapper equipped with the Arya system.

The palletized load that can be processed by the semi-automatic pallet stretcher must have the following characteristics:

minimum dimensions 600x400x300 mm and maximum wrapping height 2200 mm (greater heights available as optional).

The handling of the pallet wrapper is very practical, in fact it is a forkable tool and can therefore be easily moved with a pallet truck within the work area. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a rudder which makes it easier to move. The polycarbonate bumpers ensure the safety of the working environment while the machine is in use.

The pallet wrapper semi-automatic is powered by sealed batteries that do not require maintenance and which require a normal socket (230 V - 50/60 Hz) to recharge. The winder is compatible with standard machinenable reels with cardboard core and external Ø of 250 mm (or 300 mm if carriage with fixed pre-stretch) and internal Ø of 76 mm – H 500 mm. To be able to use manual film with a Ø 50 mm core, it is possible to purchase the additional spool holder set as an optional accessory.

Details pallet wrapper self-propelled with mast, guide wheel and Arya system

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brand: Atlanta Stretch
Code Spool film carriage
AS002100020 Mechanical brake
AS002100037 Electromagnetic friction
AS002100038 Fixed pre-stretch
Common features to all codes
Column height mm 2200
Min. load dimensions mm WxDxH 600x400x300
Compatible coil max. external Ø 250 mm - internal Ø 76 mm - h 500 mm
Accessories Column height 2400 or 2700, Additional spool holder set, Arya system (compatible only with fixed pre-stretch spool film carriage)
 Click here to download technical drawing 2200mm column.
 Click here to download the technical drawing of 2400 mm column.
 Click here to download the 2700mm column technical drawing..
 Click here to download the user manual.
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