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ATP certificates for insulated containers

ATP certificates for insulated containers

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The ATP certificates are the indispensable solution for making isothermal containers for the transport of fresh or frozen food compliant to the ATP regime. The document is issued by the Ministry of Transport through the offices of the Civil Motorization and is valid for 6 years from the first issue. The certificate guarantees that the container complies with the insulation characteristics which limit the exchange of heat between the inside and outside of the body.

The ATP certificates follow the insulated container and show the serial number of the container, or the serial numbers of the containers if it is a cumulative certificate. The same serial numbers that are engraved on the ATP certification plate fixed on the containers refers to the relevant certificate. For this reason it is essential to buy the certificates at the same time of the containers and not in separate phases.

The certification certifies that the isothermal container is built to transport and store perishable foodstuffs with isothermal tests in line with ATP regulations and is suitable for transporting inside vehicles, even if they are not insulated.

Depending on the type of container, its isothermal capacity and the auxiliary cooling devices it is equipped with, the ATP certificate is issued with different homologation classes:

  • Class INf fresh food transport

  • Class IR frozen food transport

  • Class RRCX frozen food transport with eutectic plates

  • Class FNAX transport of fresh food with non-autonomous refrigeration

  • Class FRAX transport of fresh food with non-autonomous refrigeration

  • Class FRCX transport of frozen food with non-autonomous refrigeration

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Certificate Class Container
IS0AE12 IN IS00380 - 68 liters
IS0AB12 IR IS00360 - 140 liters
IS00365 - 140 liters
IS0AC12 RRCX IS00360 - 140 liters
IS00365 - 140 liters
IS0AF12 IR IS00361 - 140 liters
IS0AG12 FRCX IS00362 - 140 liters
IS0A012 IN IS00350 - 150 liters
IS00355 - 150 liters
IS00351 - 150 liters
IS0AA12 FNAX IS00352 - 150 liters
IS00353 - 150 liters
IS0D012 FRAX From IS00444 to IS00451- 370 liters
From IS00456 to IS00463 - 370 liters
IS0I012 FRAX IS00472 - 495 liters
IS00473 - 495 liters
IS00476 - 495 liters
IS00477 - 495 liters
IS0L012 FRCX IS00470 - 495 liters
IS00471 - 495 liters
IS00474 - 495 liters
IS00475 - 495 liters
IS0A006 IR IS00004FGA0502 - 600 liters
IS0AB06 IR IS00215 - 1000 liters
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