Polyethylene foam roll for packaging

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The polyethylene foam roll is the practical and effective solution for packaging fragile and delicate goods. The expanded polyethylene roll is especially suitable for shipping and transporting products that require the guarantee of safe handling, in order to minimize the risk of damage. Furthermore, this type of packaging is ideal for creating quality packaging for goods with delicate surfaces, such as painted, lacquered or smooth products that scratch easily.

The polyethylene foam roll is made of polyethylene, which is composed of thousands of closed cells with absorbent properties, a structure suitable for protecting goods from impacts suffered during handling phases. Thanks to its protective characteristics, expanded polyethylene is a versatile product and therefore ideal for preparing the packaging of objects of different shapes.

The composition of the roll is non-toxic and non-abrasive. Consequently, thanks to its smooth and soft surface, the polyethylene foam roll is suitable for protecting and wrapping various types of products. Furthermore, Polyethylene foam is a fully recyclable and reusable material in itself, therefore it is a completely sustainable product.

Finally, each polyethylene foam roll is available in various heights (from 100 to 150 cm) to make the most of every centimeter in packaging operations, avoiding unnecessary waste and maximizing productivity.

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Polietilene espanso per imballaggio in rotolo
Polyethylene foam roll for packaging

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    Code POPB101
    Width cm 100
    Code POPB102
    Width cm 120
    Code POPB103
    Width cm 150
    Common features to all codes
    Colour White
    Roll length meters 500
    Thickness mm 1,0
    Material expanded polyethylene