Bits and bit holders

Bits and bit holders are indispensable accessories for maintenance technicians, mechanics or workshops. The first are the tips that are inserted into the electric screwdriver to screw or unscrew different types of screws and can, precisely for this reason, have a slotted, cross, 6-pointed star etc. The insert holders can be of various shapes and colors, but all are tools for storing the inserts and not losing them, which is very simple given their small size.

The screwdrivers transmit the forces, better known as tightening torque, to the screw through the bits: in fact, without the screwdriver it would be of little use. This is why it is important to choose the right ones, which are suitable for the type of screw you will be working with and resistant to last a long time together with the screwdriver. The material that best combines price and quality is steel.

The bit holders, on the other hand, are necessary in order to organize and keep the inserts in order, which otherwise would risk being lost. There are pouch or envelope insert holders, but also as belts or bracelets in order to have different inserts even during work.

Sets are available that include both the bits and bit holders: in this case the case will be developed specifically for those particular inserts, with places dedicated to each tip so that recognizing which one is needed is simple.