Metal cupboards

The organization of the space helps to live and work better, but not losing documents and objects is equally important. Metal cupboards are designed for this reason. They represent the indispensable solution for storing documents at school, at home or in the office and, more generally, for storing objects in a suitable place and avoiding clutter. This will make it easier to find an object, catalog or document when it becomes necessary.

The metal cupboards increase safety as they allow to tidy up objects that were scattered up to that point: in this way both accidents and loss will decrease. Furthermore, the subdivision into shelves guarantees total use of the metal office and multipurpose wardrobes and allows you to archive with order, dedicating each shelf to a different purpose.

Based on the space available, you can choose the most suitable solution. If the space is limited, the space saver and the sliding doors are the ideal choice. To store many but small objects, it will be preferable to choose a metal cupboard with a greater number of shelves. On the other hand, if it is necessary to store a few objects but of significant height, metal cupboards with fewer shelves are the advisable choice.

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