Forklift brush with polypropylene bristles

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A forklift brush is an indispensable ally in all industrial environments where cleanliness is crucial for safety and business efficiency. In fact, it is a product that allows for the cleaning of company premises or streets, but also the recovery of metal or other components. The bristles are made of high-quality polypropylene and are ideal not only for outdoors, but also for indoor areas such as warehouses, as they do not damage the floor and are mounted transversally for better grip during cleaning.

The forklift brush therefore ensures fast and effective cleaning of work areas, helping to maintain the hygiene and safety standards required in industrial environments. Its ability to pick up a wide range of materials makes it ideal for a variety of sectors, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, logistics centres and more.

This type of product is characterised by its versatility and adaptability to different types of surfaces and work environments. The compatibility of brushes with forklift trucks makes them extremely practical and convenient to use, allowing you to optimise the time and resources spent on cleaning. Manufactured in accordance with EN 10204 3.1; UNI EN ISO 12100:2010; UNI EN 13001-1:2015; UNI EN 349:2008, they are supplied complete with a certificate of conformity and technical data plate.

Different models of forklift brush are available, differing in size and in the number of polypropylene bristles that make them up. In addition, for all models, the interaxis for the forks measures 630 mm while the fork pockets are 220x100 mm.

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Forklift brush with polypropylene bristles

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    Review for Forklift brush with polypropylene bristles

    Code CESS004 CESS005 CESS006 CESS007
    Dimensions LxPxH mm 2000x500x470 2000x1000x500 2500x1000x500 3000x1000x500
    Bristles nr. 24000 43800 53400 64200
    Bristles rows 5 8 8 8
    Weight kg 146 272 310 356
    Common features to all codes
    Fork pockets mm 220x100
    Fork pockets interaxis 630
    Bristles material High-quality polypropylene
    Dimensions Forklift brush with polypropylene bristles