Metal belt sanders

Metal belt sanders are the indispensable tool in activities where metal or other alloys are worked, both for its practical use and in the artistic and artisanal one. The type of abrasion that the machines offer depends on the type of tool they are equipped with, be it a belt or a disc, with a more or less rough grain size. In general, the abrasive belt of the belt sanders for metal are used for large surfaces or to remove cutting burrs, while the disc is especially useful when edges and edges must be sanded, even with a 45° inclination.

The materials with which the metal belt sanders are produced are resistant, reliable and long-lasting and also for this reason the use of these machines is very safe. In addition, all sanders are equipped with an identification plate with all the main features and information pictograms regarding the rules of conduct for use and maintenance.

The metal belt sanders are equipped with a magnetic switch with two buttons, in order to limit the risk of accidental switching on. Some of them are also equipped with their own bench so as not to take up space on the other work surfaces.

The wide range of metal belt sanders allows you to choose the most suitable machine tool for the work you need to perform.