Tilting metal belt sander Fervi 0691/400V

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The tilting metal belt sander Fervi is the ideal product to be used for sanding or beveling work on pieces of metal material. It is a product suitable for both professional and non-professional use. It is simple and intuitive to utilize, allowing large surfaces to be sanded and remove burrs from solid and bulky materials through abrasion. The 400V motor guarantees power and high performance thanks to 2 achievable speeds.

However, as this is a service and not a production machine, its continuous use over time must be limited to prevent damage. At the rear, the tilting metal belt sander is equipped with a discharge duct for the iron shavings, to which a dust suction pipe must be fitted. There are control and adjustment devices on the machine that allow it to adapt itself to any type of work.

The safety of the machine is ensured by the protective guards whose task is to minimise the mechanical risks of contact with the moving parts of the machine, including the abrasive belt. These are an adjustable guard on the abrasive belt head, an openable guard on the upper part of the belt, a removable sheet metal guard on the abrasive belt head and fixed side and lower guards. In addition, electrical safety by means of an emergency button and mechanical safeties further protect operators.

In order to adjust the inclination of the tilting metal belt sander, you can use the special pivot. This makes it easier to carry out special machining operations even on large workpieces.

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Armadietto spogliatoio in metallo 1 anta con serratura 1 posto
Tilting metal belt sander Fervi 0691/400V

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    Brand: Fervi
    Code R0691400V
    Belt dimensions mm 2000x150
    Speeds (2) 18 / 37 mm/sec
    Three-phase motor 400 V 50 Hz 4 kW
    Weight kg 110