Perforated litter bin 110 litres with lid, bag hoop and pedal

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The perforated litter bin is an essential ally for waste management in public spaces. Ideal for use by schools, public parks, sports centres but also by private individuals, it is an extremely versatile product that can adapt to any situation. Thanks to its robust and resistant structure, it is able to offer a reliable support for waste bags of various sizes. It is a solution designed to simplify and improve waste management, offering convenience, hygiene and efficiency.

A lid, bag hoop and foot pedal are included as standard. The lid contains unpleasant smells and thus keeps the surroundings clean and hygienic. In addition, it has the second function of protecting the waste from the weather. This enhances the waste disposal experience by keeping the air fresh and clean. The pedal allows the lid to be opened without having to use hands. This is a particularly advantageous feature
for in high-traffic environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.

Also included in the standard equipment of the perforated litter bin is the bag hoop. This component, positioned along the upper edge, ensures that the bag remains firmly in place during filling. This prevents unpleasant spills and ensures efficient waste collection without the risk of leakage.

The perforated litter bin is available in two different colours: grey and green. The upper opening has a diameter of 38 cm and the bin has a total height of 80 cm.

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Perforated litter bin 110 litres with lid, bag hoop and pedal

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    Code Colour
    COPG096 grey
    COPV096 green
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions ØxH mm 380x800
    Capacity lt 110
    Weight kg 2,2
    Material Polypropylene
    Operating temperature –4/+40°C