IBC containers and IBC totes

IBC tanks and IBC totes are the ideal solutions for the transport and storage of liquids of chemical and food origin. They are professional products designed and manufactured for all companies operating in the industrial sector. They can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to the UV-resistant polyethylene construction. Furthermore, the range is complete with versions with different capacities to satisfy every need.

The quality of the plastic tanks is guaranteed by the attention paid to the choice of raw materials and to the production techniques: the polyethylene used is of the highest quality and the so-called "rotation" technique makes it possible to obtain unique monoblocks without joints for a long-term estate. Furthermore, the plastic tanks produced in this way are elastic and impact resistant.

The range is complete with IBC tanks on wooden, plastic or hybrid pallets, contained in reinforced metal structures, equipped with loading hatch and unloading unit housed in a niche so as not to suffer damage due to any impact. Furthermore, they are available in the version for food and in accordance with ADR / ONU for the transport and storage of dangerous goods.

To meet ever-changing needs, palletized plastic tanks are available for the storage and transport of liquids and UN approved IBC tanks in accordance with ADR for the transport and storage of dangerous goods on the road.