Trash can 75 lt with lid

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The trash can is essential for maintaining order and cleanliness in public or private spaces. This type of bin is designed to suit a wide range of contexts, from urban areas to businesses, from parks to schools. The 75 litre capacity makes it ideal for collecting waste of various sizes, ensuring that spaces remain clean and tidy for longer.

The stackability feature is a significant advantage of this type of trash can. Thanks to its clever design, several units can be stacked on top of each other, optimising storage space when not in use. This is especially useful in places where space is limited, such as warehouses or commercial environments.

The strength and durability of the low-density polyethylene used in the construction of these cans make them suitable for outdoor use. They are able to withstand weather and atmospheric agents without damage, ensuring a long service life and reducing the need for frequent replacement. They are able to withstand temperatures ranging from - 4 to + 40 °C and have UV resistance factor 8.

The black colour of the trash can not only gives it an elegant and modern appearance, but also has a practical function. Black tends to hide stains and dirt better than other colours, keeping the bin cleaner and easier to maintain.

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Cassetta in plastica 600 x 400 H 430 mm
Trash can 75 lt with lid

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    Code COPN092
    Capacity liters 75
    Dimensions ØxH mm (excluding handles) 440x630
    Dimensions ØxH mm (including handles) 550x630
    Weight kg 2,60
    Material Black regenerated low-density polyethylene, heterogenous density and fluidity index
    Operating temperature -4 +40°C
    Accessories Flat lid