Conical plastic tank 45° with lid

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The conical plastic tank is the ideal product to contain powdered products, granular, dense liquids, pellets, tablets, grains, dried fruit or seeds. It is therefore an indispensable product for industries in the agricultural, food, chemical, pharmaceutical or industrial sectors. Thanks to the 45° sloping bottom, the tank can be emptied quickly and completely without the need to move it. Made of 100% UV-resistant polyethylene, it is also suitable for food use.

The polyethylene structure is moulded in one piece without welding using a rotation moulding system. It is very hygienic and easy to keep clean and wash. It can be handled with a two-sided pallet truck or a four-sided forklift truck. It is the ideal product to use for mixing, picking up and transporting substances.

The conical plastic tank is stackable and is supplied with a 400 mm diameter top lid. The base of the tank is manufactured in blue. It is available in two different versions with different dimensions and capacities. The first model measures 1160x1160x1230 mm and has a capacity of 500 kg, while the second model has dimensions 1160x1160x1500 mm for a maximum capacity of 900 kg.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to choose between two different drain valves for the plastic tank. The gate valve will be supplied with a 20 cm flange drain, while the ball valve will be screwed onto a D. 2 ”threaded drain.

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Conical plastic tank 45° with lid

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    Review for Conical plastic tank 45° with lid

    Code SEPFQ01
    Dimensions LxPxH mm 1160x1160x1230
    Capacity lt 600
    Capacity kg 500
    Lid Ø 400 mm
    Weight kg 85
    Valve ball valve, slidegate valve
    Code SEPFQ02
    Dimensions LxPxH mm 1160x1160x1500
    Capacity lt 1000
    Capacity kg 900
    Lid Ø 400 mm
    Poids kg 95
    Valve ball valve, slidegate valve