Single ladder professional Speciale S15/1

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The single ladder Speciale S15/1 is a professional Made in Italy solution that allows you to reach heights in total safety, thus allowing you to work at height. This model represents a solution capable of providing access to mezzanines, shelving, machinery, attics and so on. The sturdy body made using high quality aluminum is perfectly suitable for professional and intensive use. The ladder reaches an inclination of 70 ° and allows for an easier climb.

Equipped with steps with a depth of 85 mm, the single ladder facilitates comfortable use by operators. According to the height requirements to be reached, it is possible to choose the version of the ladder with the number of steps required. There are 9 versions available, so as to be able to meet different needs.

For all models, the trunk width of the staircase is 45 cm. The shortest version allows you to reach a height of 183 cm thanks to its 6 steps. The maximum height that can be reached by the version with more steps is 549 cm. The maximum load capacity the ladder can reach is 150 kg.

Included in the standard equipment of the single ladder are two safety handrails flush with the upright with their own supports. The ladder also complies with the European standard EN 131 and the Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008 and is also equipped with a TÜV certificate.

The different accessories available allow you to create a customized staircase according to your needs. The following accessories are available: 25 mm diameter aluminum batten with its support and short hooks (for when the ladder is in use) and long (for when the ladder is at rest and therefore positioned vertically, leaning against the wall), vertical grab bars and horizontal handles.

Brand of the manufacturer.

Maximum capacity.Certified by the Milan Polytechnic.Complies with European quality standards for sizing and resistance.Test passed at TÜV SÜD (stairs = UNIEN131 - stools = UNIEN 14183)Compliant with the legislative decree on safety n. 81 of 9 April 2008.

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Single ladder professional Speciale S15/1

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    Review for Single ladder professional Speciale S15/1

    Brand: Facal
    Code Aluminum ladder steps symbol Aluminum ladder profile size symbol A1 A3 B Aluminum ladder stabilizer bar symbol Aluminum ladder weight symbol
      nr mm cm cm cm cm kg
    SCL6201 6 25x65 205 183 82 no 5,30
    SCL6202 8 25x65 265 240 104 no 6,50
    SCL6203 9 25x65 295 267 134 no 8,00
    SCL6204 11 25x65 355 320 144 no 8,70
    SCL6205 13 25x65 411 380 164 no 9,80
    SCL6206 14 25x65 445 414 174 no 10,40
    SCL6207 16 25x80 505 464 205 no 12,80
    SCL6208 18 25x80 561 523 226 no 13,60
    SCL6209 19 25x80 595 549 248 no 14,50
    Common features: trunk width 45 cm, 85 mm deep steps, non-slip articulated foot, handrail support, safety handrail (flush with the upright)
    Accessories: Aluminum batten Ø 25 mm, batten support, long and short hook for batten, pair of horizontal handles, pair of vertical handles.
    Single ladder professional Speciale S15/1 dimensions