Fixed crane fork with manual balancing

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The fixed crane fork with manual balancing is the versatile solution suitable for use with cranes - even those with a limited capacity - or with crane trucks, making it suitable for both lower and higher lifting heights. Being fixed, the fork is also well suited for activities where the materials to be lifted are always the same or the type of pallet on which they are placed does not change. It is suitable for all those situations (such as construction sites in old town centres for example) where larger vehicles cannot be used and the forks must therefore be proportionate to compact machinery.

The weight of the fixed crane fork models is never excessive, so that it can be used safely with various vehicles, but on the other hand the load capacity is up to 3000 kg, making the product durable, versatile and comfortable to use. The distance between the forks in the smaller model is 580 mm, while in the larger model it is 700 mm, in order to meet all possible loading requirements.

The fixed crane fork is made of steel and is manufactured in accordance with standards UNI EN 13155, UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN 349, UNI ISO 8686 AND UNI EN 10204. It is also supplied complete with a belt to secure the load.

The fixed crane fork is equipped with a metal label that serves to identify the model and to provide important information about the product. It is also delivered complete with a certificate of conformity and user and maintenance manuals.

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Cassetta in plastica 600 x 400 H 430 mm
Fixed crane fork with manual balancing

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    Review for Fixed crane fork with manual balancing

    Brand: Boscaro
    Code Capacity kg B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm Weight kg
    SOSR031 600 25 80 1100 1400 580 75
    SOSR032 1000 25 90 1100 1400 580 80
    SOSR033 1500 30 90 1400 1700 700 115
    SOSR034 2000 35 100 1400 1700 700 120
    SOSR035 2500 40 90 1400 1700 700 155
    SOSR036 3000 35 120 1400 1700 700 180
    SOSR037 1500 30 90 1750 2260 700 125
    SOSR038 2000 35 100 1750 2260 700 135
    SOSR039 2500 40 90 1750 2260 700 170
    SOSR040 3000 35 120 1750 2260 700 195
    Features common to all codes
    A mm 1000

    Dimensions fixed crane fork with manual balancing