Pallet jack scale kg 2000 Fervi 1150 x 570 mm

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The pallet jack scale with integrated scale is ideal for lifting, moving and weighing goods loaded on pallets using just one tool. To weigh the pallets it will only be necessary to fork them on and start the scale, in this way it will be possible to significantly streamline warehouse operations. The pallet truck is a completely safe tool to use for operators, equipped with an identification plate that bears the CE mark and the main precautions to be taken when using it for the prevention of accidents.

The sturdy metal structure of the pallet jack scale with scale weighs 125 kg and is made up of a pair of 1150 x 570 mm forks, capable of varying their height with respect to the floor level from a minimum of 85 mm to a maximum of 175 mm. The forks are also equipped with 4 rollers. The maximum load and weighing capacity is 2000 kg. The scale supplied has a reading capacity of 0.5 kg and an accuracy of ± 0.05% kg.

The hand pallet jack scale is equipped with a liquid crystal display that allows you to view the weight and tare weight of the load being lifted in both kg and lb. To make the scale work, simply insert 3 AA batteries into the battery compartment located in the upper part of the scale body. Replacing them will be very simple, just remove the cover by pulling it towards the rudder.

To allow safe use, the pallet jack scale with scale is equipped with a load limiter safety system. Through a maximum pressure valve, the device ensures that the pressure inside the hydraulic circuit does not exceed the value of the maximum flow rate for which it is calibrated.

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Transpallet con bilancia kg 2000 Fervi 1150 x 570 mm
Pallet jack scale kg 2000 Fervi 1150 x 570 mm

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Special price: €1,493.82


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    Code CTS2501
    Dimensions LxWxH mm n/a
    Fork dimensions LxWxH mm 1150x570
    Lift height mm 85-175
    Front wheels n/a
    Rear wheels n/a
    Scale accuracy ±0,05 kg
    Capacity kg 2000
    Weight kg 125
    Propulsion Manual
    Lift Manual