Platform truck 6 wheels

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The platform truck 6 wheels is the most spacious solution to meet the needs of wholesalers, garden shops and even warehouses that need to move products quickly and easily. The 6 wheels increase the stability of the platform, which is in fact wider than the four-wheeled trolley, making it a solution that is better suited to larger loads, which can weigh up to 250 kg.

The structure of the platform truck is painted, while the top is galvanised and clear-coated for a long-lasting product. This makes the platform truck easy to keep clean, limiting the presence of halos or stains, even if the products transported should leak. The size of the top is 460 x 1030 mm, a generous dimension that allows even relatively long packages to be transported effortlessly and safely.

The quality of the metal and manufacture allows the truck's platform to withstand bulky loads, which will remain stable thanks to the combination of two fixed and four swivel castors with a diameter of 160 mm. In addition, the 6 rubber wheels guarantee smoothness, reduced noise in motion and respect for surfaces.

The platform truck 6 wheels, although not so small in size, still manages to be manoeuvrable in every situation, whether used by customers in shops to transport products to the checkout or by operators in warehouses to move goods.

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Platform truck 6 wheels

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    Code CAA1701
    Width A mm 460
    Lenght B mm 1030
    Lenght D mm -
    Height H mm 955
    Structure Painted
    Platform Galvanized with clear coating
    Swivel rubber wheels 2 x D.160 mm
    Fixed rubber wheels 4 x D.160 mm
    Capacity kg 250
    Dimensions platform truck 6 wheels