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Radial geared drill press Fervi TR01

Radial geared drill press Fervi TR01

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The radial geared drill press is the ideal tool when it is necessary to make holes, threaded slots and grooves on large pieces made of different materials. To perform the various operations, it will be sufficient to change the tool according to the operations to be performed and the material from which the workpiece is made. The supplied cooling system allows to reduce the temperature of the machined surfaces and of the tool in order to obtain better finishes and increase the life of the drill press. It is a machine for which intermittent and non-continuous use is recommended.

The Fervi radial geared drill press is equipped with a geared spindle rotation speed transmission system and its speed can be adjusted by using the appropriate levers. The plate with indications of the rotation speeds corresponding to the possible configurations of the speed change is applied to the front of the machine. The spindle can also be moved manually by using a handwheel and it can rotate both counterclockwise and clockwise.

The speed of the automatic vertical feed of the radial drill head is adjustable through a special lever and it can reach different speeds. Furthermore, a handwheel is present on the front of the head in order to perform a manual horizontal movement of the head. The height of the head on the supporting column is adjustable, so as to be able to work even on small-sized pieces.

To satisfy every need, 3 different radial geared drill press models are available which differ in the height of the column and in the drilling capacity. In fact, it is possible to choose between a drill with a 180, 200 and 280 mm column.

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brand: Fervi
Code RTR01180 RTR01200 RTR01280
Max drilling capacity on cast iron with pre-drilling holes mm 40 50 50
Max drilling capacity on steel with pre-drilling (s235jr) mm Ø 32 Ø 40 Ø 40
Continuous drilling capacity Ø 28 Ø 36 Ø 40
Spindle taper CM 4 CM 4 CM 4
Chuck 3 ÷ 16 mm B16 3 ÷ 13 mm B18 -
Vertical spindle speeds (6) 75 ÷ 1220 rpm (6) 75 ÷ 1220 rpm (12) 40 ÷ 1896 rpm
Spindle travel mm 220 240 260
Quill mm 65 70 67
Column mm 180 200 280
Distance between spindle axis and column mm 350 ÷ 870 1020 1370
Distance between spindle nose and table mm 0 ÷ 640 860 840
Distance between spindle nose and base mm 310 ÷ 980 1210 1210
Feed range (3) 0,1 – 0,16 - 0,25 mm/g (3) 0,1 - 0,16 - 0,25 mm/g (4) 0.13 ÷ 0.54 mm/g
Cube dimensions mm 550x390x350 400x400x350 610x460x370
Slot mm 18 18 16 mm | 20 mm
Base dimensions mm 1300x650 mm 1370x700 1960x800
Motor 400 V 50 Hz 1,5 kW 400 V 50 Hz 1,5 kW 400 V 50 Hz 3,0 kW
Lifting motor radial arm 400V 50 Hz 0,55 kW 400 V 50 Hz 0,75 kW 400 V 50 Hz 0,75 kW
Cooling pump 400V 50 Hz 0,40 kW 400 V 50 Hz 90 W 400 V 50 Hz 90 W
Dimensions mm 1400x650x1900 1760x770x2100 2050x820x2480
Weight kg 1050 1250 2100
 Download the Fervi drill press selection guide
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