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The roll container Shelf shelf and the roll container Shelf divider are the perfect solutions to optimise the storage and movement of goods, to make their handling safer and to improve their organisation; thanks to the use of shelves, goods will not be at risk of being crushed due to goods being piled up or misplaced due to lack of space. On the other hand, the use of dividers makes it practical to select goods, which thanks to them will not be crammed together in a disorganised manner.

The roll container shelf is useful both for protecting goods and for separating larger items from each other, so that goods of different types can be transported while keeping them tidy, but without risking any damage. It is also possible to position the shelves at different inclinations, in case their use is for display purposes, for example.

The roll container divider, on the other hand, is suitable for the orderly storage of smaller material; these, together with the shelves, can also be used to display goods, for example as can be done in a florist's shop to separate different types of plants for sale or in large-scale retail distribution of foodstuffs.

Finally, both accessories designed for the roll container Shelf model are manufactured in compliance with current regulations, and are made of galvanised steel, a material that is extremely resistant to continuous and intensive use. The shelf measures 660 x 1160 mm and has a capacity of 150 kg, while the divider has a height of 150 mm.

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Roll container Shelf shelf
Roll container Shelf shelf

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    Code RIA0004
    Surface treatment Electrolytic galvanizing
    Dimensions mm 660x1160
    Capacity kg 150